What Clients Are Saying

"Stephanie's reading of my Akashic Records was amazing! So much of it resonated with me very strongly, and really helped to explain a lot of things. This is a reading that I'm going to be going back to over and over to re-read and re-integrate. Thank you Stephanie!"
"This is one of the best readings I ever had in my life, and I do readings myself - so feel competent in the area :). I would really recommend Stephanie's service to all as you can learn a lot about yourself, that you might have wondered about all your life. Truly great!"
"I cannot say enough good things about this reading! It is SO thorough and in depth and SO accurate - BLEW my mind! I am really looking forward to learning more about her process and will likely be ordering more reports soon! I would HIGHLY recommend you check out her services for yourself - you won't be disappointed! (But I think my friends and I will have her pretty busy for a bit!) Haha. Thank you again, Stephanie!!"
"My reading from Stephanie was mind blowing! I'm so grateful to her. This gives me a deeper understanding of myself and my purpose. It explained so much that I've been struggling with the last few years. Stephanie is amazing! I keep coming back to do more readings for my family. Thank you Stephanie!"
-Tonia Swanson
"Stephanie’s work is both mind-blowing and life affirming. Her detailed report answers questions you never knew you had and offers a deep sense of abiding peace. Stephanie was quick to respond and provided a very detailed report on my Akashic records. Some of the information validated what I knew (always useful) as well as many new aspects. I’m really glad I did this and would recommend it for all interested. Thanks Stephanie!"
"Incredible experience. Quite detailed and it explains a lot. I’ve never had this done before and I am grateful for this take on my journey. Quick response and I would highly recommend this service to everyone!! Thank you Stephanie In love and light"
"Stephanie, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your reading was absolutely amazing, right on target. It completely explained a great deal of questions and filled in a few blanks for me. In between the tears and laughter when reading through the first time, it was such a good release of emotions that needed to be purged. I understand now more of the direction I want to take moving forward with this spiritual journey I'm in on this lifetime! If people are on the fence about having a reading . . . . "Just Do It"! You will have such a better understanding of who you are which in turn will help to navigate your future better! I have already spoke to several friends who are very interested to have a reading so I will be forwarding your information to them. Thank you for the blessing of the reading!"
-Tamyra Cashman