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    I built this blog a year ago when I decided to leave the corporate world and become a full-time Astrologer, a lifelong dream that has finally come into fruition after a decade of rigorous study, practice, and commitment. Here you will find metaphysical content on a variety of topics as well as helpful resources for spiritual seekers and spiritpreneurs.

    I’ve always been a jack-of-all-trades and as much as I enjoy exploring different fields in spirituality, Astrology has always been my constant.

    I see the world and every part of it through the lens of Astrology. The planetary archetypes come alive and speak to me through synchronicity in everyday life.

    I’ve always sensed that we are part of a cosmic consciousness that is all-encompassing and limitless, but am also painfully aware of the polarity that coexists simultaneously, and Astrology helps make sense of it all.

    If you’re on an esoteric path and don’t see yourself doing anything ordinary for the rest of your life and feel called to embody something greater than yourself, then trust that instinct and choose the path of least resistance. A higher path requires a higher way of Being.

    The line between mundane survival and spiritual development can get blurry. Most of us seesaw back and forth on this axis throughout much of our lifetimes. The biggest ego trap is the intention of seeking enlightenment for the sake of ending our human suffering or securing a predictable future. The ego doesn’t want us to let go of rigidity of the mind. 

    The Higher expression of Neptune reminds us of our infinite potential. We are powerful co-creators with the Universe because we are made of the same star stuff. We narrate our reality into existence, for better or worse. As viewed, so appears.

    We’re the pioneers of modern mysticism. We’re here to de-mystify the great mysteries of the Universe and be a source of spiritual leadership in a world that has lost touch with humanity and nature. We’re here to raise the vibration of the collective consciousness during this critical moment in human history. How will you be in service of the cosmos and all living Beings today?

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    I’m an Astrologer & Intuitive.

    I help people reconnect with their Higher Self and get to the bottom of energetic blockages that are holding them back from expressing their Soul gifts.

    I’ve always been passionate about archetypes, intuitive development, transpersonal psychology, astrology, entrepreneurship, and holistic health.

    "Stephanie, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your reading was absolutely amazing, right on target. It completely explained a great deal of questions and filled in a few blanks for me. In between the tears and laughter when reading through the first time, it was such a good release of emotions that needed to be purged. I understand now more of the direction I want to take moving forward with this spiritual journey I'm in on this lifetime! If people are on the fence about having a reading . . . . "Just Do It"! You will have such a better understanding of who you are which in turn will help to navigate your future better! I have already spoke to several friends who are very interested to have a reading so I will be forwarding your information to them. Thank you for the blessing of the reading!"
    -Tamyra Cashman

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